PHP Fog - Free 6 months.. what next, and how much?

Thursday, 9 June 2011

I was very disappointed when I asked PHP-Fog how much it would cost after 6 months using their free package. They move you to a "Micro Instance" package which turns out to be $29 a month charge.

I can't see any cost benefit here to moving to a so-called 'cloud' environment, if its a MINIMUM 29 dollars a month after 6 months. This means for the vast for the majority of websites and web apps its simply just not worth it. The true cloud environments such as Google's App Engine (which does not have any PHP support unfortunately) charge depending on CPU and data-store usage. A usage based charge basically, not a fixed monthly one, which is what cloud hosting is all about.

PHP Fog seems to have just got on the cloud bandwagon, and what you're basically getting is a 'pretend' cloud hosting environment that is WAY more expensive than your traditional PHP hosting companies.

A big disappointment to the PHP community.


Chad said...

Just wanted to let you know that PHP Fog is now free forever and you can deploy up to 3 free forever apps, not just 1!

You also might want to check out this blog post describing the differences between hosting on PHP Fog and traditional shared or VPS providers:

I hope this helps -- take care.

Chad Keck